Set of 2 vacuum massage of neck and back - vacuum cups

Unique offer that not have analogs in the market of cosmetology!
For to carry out the static or kinetic vacuum therapy.
Packed by 2 pcs. 33 mm in diameter.
Material: bottle - PVC tank - glass.
Selected set of 2 cans of the same diameter allows to apply them for therapeutic and preventive massage in case of colds, bronchitis, pneumonia, radiculitis, cervical massage in case of osteochondrosis, neuralgia, neuritis, myositis, inflammatory diseases of the muscles.
The maximum therapeutic effect with minimal painful sensations!
Features of vacuum massage of neck and back:
- Increased blood circulation and lymphatic drainage stimulation leads to peripheral blood circulation improvement and tissue stagnation eliminating.
- Causing local and reflex expansion of blood and lymphatic vessels, they have a local resolving, soothing and stimulating effect.
- On cups application places are formed local microbleeds. Thus formed decomposition products are absorbed and stimulates blood hematopoiesis.
- The muscle contractile function improves, increases its tone and elasticity.
- Restoring of capillary net, normalizes blood and oxygen supply to the cells, skin and body as a whole rejuvenation begins.
- Under the influence of massage with vacuum, even large fat congestions break into smaller pieces.
- Increased metabolism, which result intense 'burn out' and reducing of body fat, decreasing of body weight
- Activation of the immune system.
- Depth workout of tissue: the method has no analogues by the depth of impact on soft tissues. To reach deep structures, where accumulates and strengthen the stagnant during lifetime, only with hands it is not possible.
And thus, the vacuum therapy method is absolutely physiologic, harmless to the person and is a universal remedy of rejuvenation, prevention and treatment.
Dry vacuum cups made of polymer-glass and designed for the kinetic vacuum therapy, are means of beneficial effects on blood and lymph circulation, improving peripheral blood circulation, lymph and interstitial fluid. Promote delay of aging process and rehabilitation after injuries and operations.
This massage can form local microbleeds and that's normal.
Capillaries tore due to the fact that they lost their elasticity long time ago and become brittle. Instead of them the organism will restore new actively functioning capillaries. As a result, a long anoxia will end and reconstruction of both qualitative and quantitative tissue composition will begin. Muscle tone increases, overall health and physical performance improves.
Cups consist of two parts: a) reservoir cups are made of medical glass, b) cylinder cups to create a vacuum in the tank, made of PVC plastisol.
Contraindications for static and kinetic vacuum-therapy:
- pulmonary hemorrhage, pulmonary tuberculosis in an active stage
- malignant and benign tumors
- skin diseases and its sharp sensitivity
- varicose veins
- blood diseases
- pregnancy
- a sharp exhaustion of the patient
- cardiac arrhythmias, hypertension grade 3, fever
- mental insanity
Do not use the cups on the neck front part, on the thyroid gland area, spine, heart area, kidney, and mammary glands of women. Do not massage the popliteal fossa area and inner thighs! All procedures should be agreed with physician.
Keep vacuum cups clean. Rinse cups with soap or antiseptic solution.

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