Antibacterial antiviral quartz lamp "Solnyshko" OUFB-04

The irradiator UV germicidal OUFB 04 "Sun" (Quartz) for local, local and intracavitary irradiation in inflammatory diseases in otolaryngology, dentistry, gynecology, dermatology, pediatrics, surgery, therapy, nevralogii, as well as sterilization of air in the premises.
Prevention and treatment of colds struggle with seasonal viral infections disinfection of surfaces and indoor air irradiator UV germicidal OUFB 04 "Sun" (Quartz)
To compensate for the ultraviolet (solar) failure; To increase the resistance to infections; Use as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent; Use in pediatrics: prevention of rickets, acute respiratory infections, increase the body's defenses; Treatment and prevention of ENT diseases;
In surgery: the treatment of festering wounds, bedsores, burns, frostbite, mastitis, etc;
In therapy: treatment of arthritis of various etiologies, inflammatory respiratory diseases, bronchial asthma;
In Neurology: treatment of acute pain in the pathology of the nervous system, the effects of cranial and spinal injuries, etc;
In dentistry: treatment of periodontal disease, gingvitov etc .;
In gynecology: the treatment of cervical erosion, complex treatment of acute and subacute inflammatory processes;
In dermatology, the treatment of psoriasis, eczema, pyoderma, etc .;
Kvartsevanie (disinfection facilities).
Technical data:
Power supply 220V 50 Hz
radiation range 180-275nm
Power consumption 300 VA
Dimensions mm 230h145h155
The weight of 1.5 kg
Safety class 2 Type BF
Continuous operation for 30 min., A break of at least 15 minutes.
Ultra-violet irradiator bactericidal Sun OUFB №4
3 tube (ear, nose and throat)
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