Device for Phototherapy, Infrared Therapy, Light Therapy Dune-T

Therapeutic and prophylactic device Dune-T - the most famous, popular and effective of the phototherapy devices (light therapy) - is based on the depth of tissue healing effects on the body to sunlight, and it is the most useful for human-rays with wavelengths in the red and infrared ranges.
Under the influence of the device Dune-T in the tissues of the body occur unique biochemical processes aimed at restoring cellular structures. The widest range of beneficial effects on the body in the absence of contraindications, gives every reason to recommend the device Dune-T as a universal instrument home phototherapy (light therapy) for the whole family. Dune-T device is designed for non-invasive treatment of a wide range of human and animal diseases in hospitals, clinics, hospitals, physical therapy offices, as well as at home.

Applications Dune-T system:
Violations of immunity
Skin diseases (eczema, herpes, dermatitis, psoriasis, acne)
Cosmetology (prevents the formation of wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin)
Diseases of the musculoskeletal system: arthrosis, arthritis, osteochondrosis, rheumatic and metabolic-degenerative, acute and subacute stage, the effects of trauma
Non-specific diseases of respiratory system: acute respiratory infections, acute and chronic obstructive bronchitis, tracheitis, acute and chronic pneumonia, bronchial asthma
Cardiovascular diseases: ischemic heart disease, hypertension, vascular dystonia, a disease
Reynaud, angiopathy (diabetic), varicose veins change, thrombophlebitis and flebotromboz, obliterating processes limb vessels
Neurological disorders: neuritis and neuralgia, phantom pain, peripheral nervous system diseases, conditions after acute cerebral circulatory disorders, traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries
Surgery: prevention of postoperative complications, and treatment of infected conventionally infected wounds, burns, abrasions, contusions with hematomas
Urology: chronic inflammatory diseases of the kidney and urinary tract infections, prostatitis
Obstetrics and gynecology: subacute and chronic nonspecific inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs, anesthesia in the postpartum and early postoperative period, cracked nipples, mastitis
Otolaryngology: acute, subacute and chronic nonspecific inflammatory diseases of upper respiratory tract
Dental treatment of complicated caries (traumatic pulpitis, exacerbation of chronic periodontitis, chronic pulpitis, postplombirovochnye pain therapy after resection of the upper jaw cysts), treatment oftoznogo stomatitis, arthritis, temporomandibular joint, alveolitis, periodontal disease (local gingivitis and localized periodontitis), shortness of teething wisdom, upper and lower lip injury
Occupational diseases: vibration disease, chronic dust bronchitis, toxic effects of organic solvents
Ongoing clinical trials unit "Dune-T" in cardiology, gynecology, vascular surgery and other areas

The therapeutic properties of the device Dune-T:
It has an overall stimulating effect on the organism as a whole, consistently improving the functional state of the cell, tissue, organ, organ system, regardless of the field of impact
It affects all the organs of combining human and environment systems - the blood, causes positive changes in health over time
It relieves pain and facilitates various origins
Improves blood clotting
It activates the metabolic processes
It restores the blood and lymph tissue
It helps relieve inflammation, reduction of edema, intoxication
Accelerates the healing of wounds (including burns) without formation of rough scar, helps soften the already formed scarring and depigmentation

It has antiviral, antibacterial effect
It normalizes blood pressure
Reduces the risk of postoperative complications of inflammatory nature

Main characteristics

Made in Russia
230V Power Network
Current frequency 50 (Hz)
6.0 Power Consumption (W)
250.0 Weight (g)

Additional characteristics

The wavelength (red band), 660 nm ± 25
The density of radiation (red), mW / cm2 - 0.8
Wavelength (IR - range), 950 nm ± 25
The density of radiation (IR - range), mW / cm2 1.5
irradiation area, 16 cm2

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