Ultra-violet antibacterial antiviral quartz lamp "Solnyshko" OUFD-01

UV irradiator  "Solnyshko" OUFD 01

Description of the apparatus

UV irradiator OUFd-01 "Sun" for therapeutic and prophylactic irradiation in pediatric practice in the medical and health care facilities, as well as at home.
Has a plastic housing, complete with goggles, designed for children's size, as well as Gorbachev dosimetry to determine the individual biodozy taking into account the physiological characteristics of the patient.
  Indications for use
- Asthma,
- Chronic bronchitis, prolonged duration,
- Acute and chronic neuralgia, neuropathy peripheral nerves;
- Deforming arthritis, reactive arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis,
- Traumatic lesions of the skin and musculoskeletal system (fractures)
- Festering wounds, trophic ulcers, bedsores, inflammatory
infiltrates, boils, carbuncles,
- Acute and chronic erysipelas,
- Shingles (hegres zosteg)
Intracavitary UFO:
- Periodontal disease, periodontal disease, gingvinit,
- Chronic tonsillitis,
- Chronic subatrophic pharyngitis, strep throat,
- Octry rhinitis, vasomotor rhinitis,
- Acute respiratory disease,
- Acute and chronic inflammation of the outer and middle ear,
- Diseases, including after radical surgery,
- Systemic connective tissue disease,
- Active TB disease of the lungs,
- Ray,
- Fever,
- A tendency to bleed,
- Circulatory failure II and III level,
- Hypertension III degree,
- Marked atherosclerosis,
- Myocardial infarction (first 2-3 weeks)
- Acute ischemic stroke,
- Kidney and liver failure with their function,
- Peptic ulcer during the exacerbation,
- Chronic hepatitis, pancreatitis with symptoms of active processes,
- Cachexia,
- Increased sensitivity to UV rays, photodermatosis.
What is the difference UV irradiator OUFK 01 of 01 OUFd feed?
OUFD irradiator 01 has better packaging. Characteristics of ultraviolet radiation in the same instruments.

Local (local) UFO skin shown:

- Malignant tumors in the course of any period

The changes affected, primarily design.

What is the difference UV irradiators OUFB 04 of 01 OUFD?

UV irradiator Sun OUFb 04 has several times more power radiation. Therefore, it is more effective when Kvartsevanie premises sunburn. At local Kvartsevanie, especially in children, with soft gentle tan, use a lamp OUFd-01.

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