Ultra-violet antibacterial antiviral quartz lamp "Solnyshko" OUFK-01

Ultra-violet antibacterial antiviral quartz lamp "Solnyshko" OUFK-01

Germicidal UV lamp open type. Disinfects the air and the surface of the commercial and residential area of 10-15 m2 in the absence of people. With tubes vospaliteleniya treats ear, nose and throat. As analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent is used for skin diseases, joints, peripheral nervous and muscular systems. Raises immunity, promotes the production of vitamin D, compensates for the lack of sunlight, especially in children, autumn and winter.

Can be used in medical, health-care, health and spa facilities, as well as at home.


Local (local) UFO skin shown:

bronchial asthma,

chronic bronchitis, prolonged duration,
acute and chronic neuralgia, neuropathy peripheral nerves;
deforming arthritis, reactive arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis,
traumatic injuries of the skin and musculoskeletal system (fractures)
festering wounds, trophic ulcers, bedsores, inflammatory infiltrates, boils, carbuncles,
acute and chronic erysipelas,
herpes zoster (hegres zosteg)
acute and chronic inflammation of the female genital organs.
Intracavitary UFO:
chronic tonsillitis,
subatrophic chronic pharyngitis, strep throat,
octry rhinitis, vasomotor rhinitis,
acute respiratory disease,
acute and chronic inflammation of the outer and middle ear,
acute and chronic inflammation of the vagina.
systemic connective tissue disease,
active TB disease of the lungs,
bleeding tendency,
circulatory failure II and III level,
hypertension III degree,
expressed atherosclerosis,
myocardial infarction (first 2-3 weeks)
acute ischemic stroke,
kidney and liver function insufficiency blocked,
peptic ulcer during the exacerbation,
chronic hepatitis, pancreatitis with symptoms of active processes,
increased sensitivity to UV rays, photodermatosis.
Effective spectral range of radiation:
For common exposures of 280-400 nm
0.04 W / m2, with a locally irradiated on a section of the tube with a diameter of 5 mm at least
0.8 W / m2, with a locally irradiated on a section of the tube 15 mm in at least 1 W / m2
metal housing
Handle mounting housing
power cord
Mercury-quartz lamp type TSR-125
2 tube diameter of 5 mm
2 tube 15 mm
Operating Instructions.
Dimensions: mm 230*145*155
Weight: not more than 1.5 kg
Power supply: 220 V 50 Hz
  Local irradiation: UV irradiator to install the damper tube, the quartz tube connected to the network and after 5 minutes of stabilization of the lamp to start the combustion process. Before the procedure, wear protective goggles.
General (local) irradiation: remove tube and remove the valve. Wear safety glasses.
Subjected to irradiation limited skin area of 200-600 sq cm
Kvartsevanie air and walls of the room: remove all the people and animals from the premises, remove the back wall of the bactericidal irradiator and leave for 30 minutes. Performance ultafioletovoy lamp 30 m3 (10-15 m2) room for 20-30 minutes. operation.
Mode of operation: continuous operation for 30 minutes. Followed by a break of at least 15 minutes.

periodontal disease, periodontal disease, gingvinit,

malignant neoplasms in any period of the disease, including after radical surgery,

For local irradiation 220-400 nm

In general, irradiation at a distance of 0.7 m from the irradiated surface is not less than

Irradiator quartz Sun


  Power consumption: less than 300 A

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