Radiation monitor RADEX RD1503+

Our latest development in the line of RADEX radiation indicators. This is the upgraded version of our best-selling RADEX RD1503.

This new device provides a non-professional consumer with a way to quickly and easily check radiation background of top soil, non-consumable products, and inside premises.

The quality of indication of any dosimeter depends primarily on the built-in detector of ionizing radiation. RADEX RD1503+ contains a low-voltage SBM20-1 type Geiger-Muller counter of beta- and gamma-radiation. This same counter is often used in the professional dosimetric equipment.

In the time period since the introduction of the original RADEX RD1503, consumers have asked for additional functions. We have listened and incorporated many new functions into RD1503+:

'BACKGROUND' mode for building inspections, a step change of a threshold of a signal system with a discretization, greater than 30 - 60 - 120 µRem/h, vibration function in addition to the audible alarm, a faster response time to command buttons.

The new 'BACKGROUND' mode, the first such implementation into a non-professional device, allows for simpler and faster inspections of premises (when it is necessary to know the difference between the indoors and outdoors background radiation values). This mode allows user to determine precisely the average dose of a background photon capacity. The process is described in the Russian government`s Methodical Instruction on «Conduction of radiation-sanitary inspection of inhabited and public buildings».

In RADEX RD1503+ a customer has discretion to select one of the nine levels of thresholds for the alarm system (10 - 20 - 30 - 40 - 50 - 60 - 70 - 80 - 90 µRem/h).

RADEX RD1503+ retains all the option from the base model (RD1503) that have received approval from our users (i.e., rugged body with large LCD display, simple three buttons control, a great number of individual settings for units of measure, threshold values, battery discharge indicator, and display illumination).

Summary and Working Specifications:

two units of measure (µSv/h and µRem/h),

vibration alarm,

graduated audio alarm thresholds,

calculation of the dose of background photon capacity using procedure described in the Russian government`s Methodical Instruction «MU2.6.1.715-98»,

display of the difference between averaged dose and photon background capacities,

Еnter into device’s memory the information on the buyer’s shop and his site on the Internet,

Сhange the language and commands of an item for adapting to the customer’s language.

Technical specifications and descriptions:

RD1503+ is designed for an ambient dose capacity rate equivalent estimate of gamma rays by the population in home conditions (foodstuff, building materials, soil etc.), and it also can be used by staff working with sources of ionizing radiation. Besides, it detects objects polluted with beta - fissile radionuclides.

The instrument sums the amount of gamma and beta particles by means of a Geiger counter within 40sec and displays ridings on LCD in µSv/h or µRem/h . The registration of each alternate corpuscle is accompanied by beep, allowing implementing the 'Search' mode.

Additional 'BACKGROUND' mode is inputted to the monitor, where the dose capacity estimate is carried out, but the display shows not just one reading, as in RD1503 i.e. a dose capacity, but two i.e. exceeding of a dose capacity above a background dose capacity and a background dose capacity simultaneously. This mode is convenient in inspection of locations when it is necessary to know the difference between indoor and outdoor readings and to define correctly an outdoor dose capacity.

Additional Features of RADEX RD1503+ over the basic model RADEX RD1503

- graduated change of a threshold signal in the range from 0.10 to 0.90 µSv/h with an 0.10 µSv/h interval (available in individual settings),

- evaluation of the radiation background dose rate (outside buildings) conforms with the Russian government`s instructions specified in «MU2.6.1.715-98» (Conducting a radiation-hygienic inspection of inhabited and public buildings. Methodical Instructions),

- value of the background dose rate is saved even when the device is turned off,

- display of the difference of the dose rate between the averaged and background values,

- vibration signal is added as well as the audio alarm,

- adjustment a of a vibration signal (on /off) is possible,

- animation of the pressed command button (the icon of the button starts blinking on the display),

Technical specifications:

Scale range ambient dose rate equivalent


0,05 ... 9,99

Scale range exposition dose rate


5 ... 999

Range energy scales - radiations


0,1 ... 1,25

Reproducibility of indications (at confidential probability 0.95), where ? is a dose rate in µSv/h



Levels of sound-alarm threshold


0.10, 0.20, 0.30,
0.40, 0.50, 0.60,
0.70, 0.80, 0.90


10, 20, 30, 40, 50,
60, 70, 80, 90

Time of calculation



Time of indication



Batteries of 'AAA' type


one or two

Time of continuous work of a device, not less


550 **

Overall dimensions



Weight (without batteries)



Range of registered X-rays energy


0,03 to 3,0***

Range of registered beta rays energy


0,25 to 3,5***

* The increase in cycles of calculation conducts to increase of reliability of indications

** Two batteries with a capacity 1350MAh, at a level of a natural background no more than 0,3 µSv/h and with factory settings.

*** Characteristics are obtained due to research carried out by the Center of ionized radiation of the State Scientific Metrological Laboratory 'VNIIFTRY ' in the period from 1 to 8 December 2005 and confirmed by protocols of 14.12.2005.

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