Radiation monitor RADEX RD1706

RD1706 is the new addition to the RADEX family of radiation monitors. This device can be used not only by professionals working with sources of ionizing radiation, but also by average consumers interested in checking the contamination of places and objects.

In the time passed since the release of the original RADEX RD1503 and its iteration RADEX RD1503+, we have received many inquiries and requests from consumers asking for a device capable of:

- better precision of indications

- expanded range of indications

- ability to register x-ray radiation

- reduced time of observation.

All these requests have been implemented in the RADEX RD1706 model.

The device has retained «BACKGROUND» mode used in RD1503 + (very convenient for performing inspections inside buildings and purchasing building materials), vibration alarm (well accepted by the consumers) is also retained as an additional feature of the alarm system.

There are two SBM20-1 type Geiger–Muller counters, one each for beta- and gamma-rays. The use of two separate sensors allowed us to reduce time of observation from 40 seconds to 26 seconds while improving precision of indications.

The range of indications was expanded 100 times, compared to RADEX RD1503. RD1706 can register the value of a doze-rate as high as 999.0 µSv/h.

Time of observation automatically adjusts from 26 seconds to as low as 1 second when presence of strong radiation sources is detected. This is necessary to ensure safety of professionals working with or operating ionizing radiation sources.

Most other features from the RADEX family were also retained, i.e. the usual frame with a large LCD screen, three operation buttons, battery charge indicator, display backlighting and personal settings like threshold alarm activation, alarm strength, backlight option.

You can familiarize yourself with the RD1706 device operation by using a flash-model below or reading the 'Operation manual'.

Improvements of RADEX RD1706 over the basic model RADEX RD1503

- ability to register gamma-, beta- and x-ray radiation,

- expanded range of indications (to 999.0 µSv/h),

- general time of observation reduced to 26 seconds,

- time of observation automatically adjusts from 26 to 1 sec. when the value of a dose-rate is higher than 3.5 µSv/h,

- improved precision of indications,

- the ability to set threshold level indications up to 99.0 µSv/h (100 times in comparison with RADEX RD1503),

- ««BACKGROUND» mode for performing inspections inside premises using algorithm similar to methodical instructions МУ Conducting a radiation-hygienic inspection of inhabited and public buildings,

- displaying te value of a background dose rate,

- displaying the difference in indications between the average dose rate and a background dose rate,

- value of a background dose rate is saved even when the device is turned off,

- displaying an average dose rate exceeding a background dose rate,

- vibration alarm available,

- possibility to regulate vibration alarm (turning on/off), МУ Conducting a radiationally-hygienic inspection of inhabited and public buildings,

- displaying the value of a background dose rate,

- displaying the difference in indications between the average dose rate and a background dose rate,

- value of a background dose rate is saved after turning off the device,

- displaying an average dose rate exceeding over a background dose rate,

- vibra-call signal as the additional alarming function,

- possibility to regulate a vibra signal (turning on/off).

Summary and Working Specifications:

RADEX RD1706 evaluates the ambient equivalent of dose rate Н*(10) of gamma radiation while taking into account gamma radiation and the pollution of objects by sources of beta particles.

The device can be used by general population in day-to-day life (checking products, soil, premises, etc.) and by the personnel operating ionizing radiation sources.

RADEX RD1706 evaluates the value of beta- and gamma-radiation by the means of two SBM20-1 type Geiger–Muller counters and displays the indications in µSv/h on LCD. The time of observation a dose rate and varies from 26 to 1 seconds.

Registration of every particle is accompanied with an audio signal that makes it easer to search for the source of radiation.

The device has a «BACKGROUND» mode which provides two indications. One stands for exceeding of a dose rate over a background dose rate, the second is for a background dose rate. This mode is convenient for examining inside buildings, when it is necessary to know how indications indoors differ from the ones outdoors.

The device also has the following features:

- specification of indications in proportion to increase of monitoring time,

- turning on/off display backlight,

- turning on/off audio and vibra signals.

Technical specifications:

Range of ambient equivalent of dose rate indications Н*(10)


from 0.05 to 999.0

Range of registered gamma radiation energy


from 0,1 to 1,25

Range of registered X-ray radiation energy


from 0,03 to 3,0

Range of registered beta radiation energy


from 0,25 to 3,5

Reproducibility of indications (at confidential probability 0.95) where P is a doze rate in µSv/h



Threshold levels


from 0.1 to 99,0

Time of calculation


from 26 to 1*

Time of indication



Power elements, size «AAA»


one or two

Time of continuous work of the device, not less than



Overall dimensions height x breadth x depth not more than



Weight (without power elements) not more than



* 1) Period of observation shortens with the increase of a dose rate more than 3,0 µSv/h.
2) The increase in the number of performed cycles improves the reliability of indications.

** 1) On the basis of manufactures settings, background dose rate not higher than 0,3 µSv/h and two batteries with a capacity of 1350 mAh.
2) The device can operate with one power element «ААА» type (but the time of continuous operating reduces).

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