SOEKS IMPULSE Indicator of the Magnetic and Electric fields. NEW, 2012 model

Soeks Impulse - household indicator of the magnetic and electric fields.

Soeks Impulse is the NEW, May-2012 model, performance and speed of high definition. Most EM indicators are very complicated, they can measure only one type of field at once (magnetic or electric). The Soeks Impulse can make both measurements simultaneously. It displays the magnetic and electric field levels in a 3D diagram. It can show the X, Y diagram for electric fields and the X, Y, Z diagram for magnetic fields.

For household use it has a signal alarm and message indication when near high EM fields. Just place your device near your working WiFi, notebook, or cellphone in speech mode (while you making a call), and you will see EM levels of your household gadgets so you can notice if they are dangerous for your health.

Protect yourself and your family from the dangerous influence of the modern technologies. You definitely need this device if you live near: electric plants or power lines, military objects, airports, space observatories, big manufacturing or research centers, in big cities or if you use a lot of electronic devices in your daily life.

EM fields are invisible and it is impossible to feel it without an EM Indicator, but they can be dangerous to your health. Especially for kids and older people.

You can't be protected from all the influence of EM fields, but you can greatly reduce it if you:

keep your young children from spending a lot of time in areas with high EM fields.

keep your sleeping place from influence of high EM fields (turn you WiFi spot off at nigh time, or place it in another room, find other dangerous EM sources and reduce their influence)

find out if EM levels in your area are higher then normal and contact your government.

determine which of your household devices can be dangerous to your health.

Soeks Impulse has a colour display, graphical presentation of the measurements, modern design, and can becharged by USB.

Compact and easy

Modern design

Simple management

The sound alarm system

The numerical and graphic form of representation

Bright, informative color TFT the display

Charging and delivery of energy for continuous running via mini-usb

Work from the accumulator

Multilingual (Russian, English)

Impulse has a CE marking (also known as CE mark) is a mandatory conformance mark on many products placed on the market in the European Economic Area (EEA).

With the CE marking on a product the manufacturer ensures that the product is in conformity with the essential requirements of the applicable EC directives.

The letters 'CE' stand for 'Conformite Europeenne' ('European Conformity')

The rate of measurable fields are from 20 Gz to 2 kGz

- 3 sensors of magnetic fields and 3 sensors of electric fields, every sensor makes a measurement on it's axis

- 2D/3D diagram direction, thanks to that the source of the electromagnetic radiation can be defined

- the indicator shows the rates of outgoing signals, that helps to define the origin of the radiation

- displaying of electromagnetic activity history for the last minute

- sound alarm when it reaches the fixed level of radiation

- works from two AAA batteries or from AAA accumulators and also from USB


Indicator of the magnetic and electric fields 'SOEKS Impulse'

Operations Manual

2 AAABatteries

Factory Box

Verification certificate (copy, included with 2 and more items in one invoice)

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