Frolov's Respiration Breathing Training Device

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I will write you a review of the respiratory simulator Frolov.

I sell frolov's device about 3 years. I have many clients from all over the world. Who needs frolov primarily to people living on the coast or near the ocean. People living near the ocean risk is higher than in others. To prevent the disease: anti Asthma, Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, Allergy, Insomnia, Smoking, Neurosis.

I recommend using frolov breathing device for disease prevention. This device is popular in UK, USA, Australia

Frolov includes Frolov's device (outer glass) inner container, cover, snorkel, mouthpiece, container for essential oils, beaker) complete with instructions for use.

I want to be honest and open! I will be grateful for the feedback on this product page to view. Useful to other customers about your experience on the results you have achieved.

For more advanced users, I recommend  Samozdrav Respiration Lung Breathing Training Device

Frolov's Respiration Breathing Training Device video

I added instructions to Frolov's Respiration Training Device and look forward to your reviews. Be well.

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