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Inhaler Romashka-3 - it is one of the most simple and inexpensive inhalers. Based on the action of steam.

Since ancient times, the hot steam of medicinal herbs broth had healing properties. Aromatherapy favorably affect both the respiratory tract and on the skin. Activates metabolism, improves the color and sensitivity of the skin, rejuvenating happened.

Daisy-inhaler device 3 is used as the treatment of infectious diseases, both adults and children, mainly due to the fact that the attachment of the device to the patient takes comfortable position. Adjust the temperature of the steam is very easy: it is enough to pull part of a special valve. AC line cord retracts into the included inhaler mask has a useful feature to turn, all this makes the device easy to use. Ease of use and reliability of the inhaler makes Daisies popular in the fight against colds and as a cosmetic agent.


• Nebulizer and a steam bath for a person in a single device.

• The modern method of treatment of colds and beauty treatments.

• Suitable for use in homes and medical establishments (registration certificate).

• Russian herbal medicine and advanced cosmetology technology methods based on traditions.


• Power supply: 220 V;

• Power consumption: 120 watts;

• The capacity of trays: 0.075 liters;

• Time to heat water vaporization: 8 minutes;

• Electricity consumption per work cycle: 20 min. not more than 0.04 kW / h;

• Weight: 1.2 kg.

Options: device beaker, a nozzle for inhalation instruction.

Manufacturer: Russia.

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