Steam Inhaler - For Colds, Coughs. system and blood circulation, nervous systems

It is used for the treatment and functional recovery of respiratory system and blood circulation, nervous and digestive systems, urogenital and excretory systems, musculoskeletal system and glands of incretion.

The procedure of inhalation is commonly known. Everyone knows it is breathing in of the vapors of decoctions or officinal mixtures. Our scientists have worked out multifunctional inhaler especially for the line “The Scents of Health”.

You can take inhalations not only with decoctions but you will be able to master the art of aromatherapy in full and feel all the power of the principle of multi-separate vaporization of essential oils. The unique construction of inhaler enables to take the aromatherapy with several oils simultaneously without their unpredictable blending in a liquid phase. At the same time the application of cold and hot inhalations is a way of individualization and control of the aromatherapy effect whenever you are. The inhaler “The Scents of Health” with medicinal solutions and essential oils is intended for thermomoist inhalations and aromatherapy with officinal aerosols and herbs, medicinal herbal tea and essential oils with the view of prevention and treatment, rehabilitation after different diseases and increase in human tolerance under the difficult environments and also physical, intellectual and adaptive abilities of the organism.

At the moment of inhale the air stream sucked down through the holes of the inhaler cover entrains the steam molecules with the dissolved pharmaceutical and herbal substances. The air stream takes the molecules of vaporable aromatic oils which at the contact with mucous membrane of nasopharynx, upper and lower airways have immediate or mediated effect (through the blood) on the human organism.

At the same time a certain combination of the molecules of essential oils has a healing effect comparable to that of a week course of the reception of synthetic medicines. And there is no any side effects at all, at the expense of the use of natural components only.


Aerosol inhalation therapy is an important treatment mode and prevention of the diseases of respiratory apparatus laryngitis and tracheitis, pharyngitis and вronchitis, tuberculosis and bronchial asthma. This therapy stimulates the moistening of mucous membrane of the airways and activates the function of ciliated epithelium of bronchi, dilutes the viscous mucus and relieves the discharge of phlegm, assuages the dry cough and decreases the feeling of dry mouth, improves the blood circulation and increases the absorption of pharmaceutical substances.

The thermomoist inhalation aerosol method is used for therapy and rehabilitation after the cardiovascular diseases (essential hypertension, stenocardia, cardiac infarction), the diseases of nervous system (insomnia, depression, asthenia), the endocrine diseases (obesity, diabetes, menopause) and the other diseases of urogenital, osteoarticular, muscular system etc. Aromatherapy improves the mental state and circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid, and also puts in order the neuro-regulatory process in the organism.

Practicable types of inhalations:

Cold inhalation is an aspiration of the fragrances of essential oil at room temperature.

Hot inhalation is an aspiration of the essential oils by means of water steam.

The inhalation with medicinal herbs is used in the capacity of freshly made herbal potions.

To prepare the thermomoist inhalation you can use boiled drinking water or you can dissolve some baking soda (a half of teaspoon) in hot water.

Operating instructions

Hot water or potion of the medicinal herbs is poured into a container. Mix 5-10 drops of water with 1-2 drops of essential oil and pour it into a special cup. If you want to try several essential oils simultaneously, you should use a cluster reservoir. In this case you should get it on the container cup. Pour 5-10 drops of water into a hole and then add 1-2 drops of any essential oil into the holes. The container is closed by a cover with a mask.

Use of the cluster reservoir eliminates the oil mixing and mixing of the oil and herbal potion. It makes it possible to use several essential oils simultaneously at the inhalation. At the same time the molecules of aromatic substances and herbal potions blend only in the air and upper airways in order to achieve a maximal positive effect.


When inhalation is over, take apart the device and pour out the solutions (herbal potions and essential oils). Rinse all the components of inhaler with warm water and soap or a solution of baking soda (2 teaspoons for a cup of water), then rinse them in clear warm water, wipe them and dry up.

You can also sterilize all the components of inhaler according to specification (ОSТ 42-21-2-85) by sinking into solution of hydrogen peroxide (3%) for a half of an hour with a solution of detergent (0.5%) at the temperature 18 -24 С°. After that you should wash them properly in a sufficient amount of running water and rub them dry with a clean cloth.

Store the inhaler in a polyethylene package or in a cardboard wrapper in a dark and dry place. Keep it far away from heating devices and direct solar radiation.


The inhalations are contra-indicated at the blood spitting, bleedings or any inclination to them. They are also contra-indicated in the case of diseases of lungs, heart and kidneys and at the symptoms of cardiovascular collapse and some other diseases. That’s why every individual case should be considered separately by consulting with the doctor before the inhalations.

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