Composition: schungite is a natural mineral, which has quartz microcellular structure filled with carbon. Schungite has unique healing properties because of the fullerens. These are unique spherical hollow molecules, which consist of some dozens of carbon atoms. It is the third form of carbon (after diamond and graphite) and it’s rather scarce in the nature.

Properties: schungite water is able to be stored for a long term, it is not just clear drinking water, but molecular-colloid solution of hydrated fullerens. These molecules belong to a new generation of healing and preventive means, which have multi-aspect and useful effect on the human organism. It is the ascertained fact, that fullerens are powerful antioxidants are able to isolate the aggressive free radicals with their cytocidal activity.
Schungite water is used in cosmetology (face and hair rinsing). The face is getting cleansed, the skin is getting smooth and resilient. The wrinkles, acne and pustule (or skin eruption) disappear.
Dandruff disappears as well and hair become strong and lively. Schungite water is useful for drinking, cooking the soups or tea, giving the pets to drink or watering the flowers.

Operating instructions :
Wash the stones of schungite properly with cold water, then pour them into three-litre glass
jar or enamelled ware and run them with tap water (three litres).
You should draw the schungite water for forty-eight hours. Then pour it off promptly (no shaking) into a feedtank for everyday use. You should leave water sheet at the bottom or about
0,5 l. The water in this sheet has contaminants, that’s why it is necessary to filtrate it through the several sheets of gauze or a sheet of white cloth.
It is recommended to use two packages of schungite at once with the shift of term of schungite water drain from one container with respect to another one for a day. It makes it possible to have more than 2,5 l of healing water everyday. You shouldn’t use the same stones more than 6 months, they have to be changed.
Storage conditions: The retention cycle of the article in package is five years.

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