Water activator and filters


Vital water (catholyte) is a stimulant of the biological process. It has heightened dissolving capacity, extractive power and heightened absorptive and chemical activity. That tastes like alkaline soft rainwater. This water heals the fresh wounds quickly, it stimulates metabolism in vivo, increases the blood pressure and improves the appetite and digestion. It loses its healing properties more quickly than so-called dead water, but if it is stored in a dark place without access of the air, this water preserves its properties in the course of a week. It is used for soaking the seeds, stimulating the growth of the plants and enhancing the matter properties, which is dissolved in it and for many other purposes. Catholyte is not toxic and it’s harmless for the health.

Dead water (anolyte) is a powerful antiseptic and preservative. It has stopping power and inhibits the biological process. The internal use of acid water lowers the blood pressure, decelerates metabolism in vivo and decreases the pain in the joints etc. The external use of acid water disinfects the bandages and kills the microbes in the septic wounds. It is used for the microbe and fungi control, for the vegetable and fruit processing to increase the retention cycle and for many other purposes.

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