Massage applicators

Applicators are intended for wide application in complex therapy of various diseases, and also as a preventive tool for strengthening and maintaining health.

For the manufacture of needle masseurs, the Tibetan applicator (the modern Kuznetsov Applicator) uses four types of piercing plastic elements, which are characterized by the sharpness of the teeth and the presence / absence of magnetic inserts: green, blue, red and yellow.
Green and red piercing elements have less sharp needles, blue and yellow - sharper.
Red and yellow have special magnetic inserts that enhance the therapeutic effect. The medical massager "Tibetan Applicator" (the new Applicator Kuznetsova) is designed to perform the procedure of needle massage. Needle massage has a therapeutic effect on individual parts of the body and organs, as well as reflexively on all body systems.
The first mention of the therapeutic effect with the help of a set of needles can be found in medical treatises of Ancient China and Tibet. In modern medical practice the term "needle massage" in the 80s of the last century was introduced by the enthusiast of this direction of medicine, the creator of the first modern needle applicator - Ivan Ivanovich Kuznetsov.
In scientific research conducted by domestic and foreign experts, five main mechanisms of the effect of needle massage on the human body are distinguished:
Vasodilator action
 Distracting action
 Reflex action on Zakharyin-Geda zones
 Reflex action on the active zones (points) on the feet and palms
 Reflex launch of universal protective reactions of the body

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